Robbie Rowlands is a Melbourne based artist who graduated from Victorian College of the Arts in 1999. He also completed a year of study at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York where he undertook his first solo exhibition entitled FOUND.

Rowlands work explores the stability we take for granted in everyday objects. The repetitious and precise incisions he places into found forms and the distortion that follows reflects the inescapable passing of time that affects everything around us.

"There are certain strengths that we take for granted in our urban environment and the objects that we surround our selves with. They are stable in the sense that they take the form of mechanisms that we house, store, entertain, and contain our many physical and social processes. With time, however these objects loose their usefulness, and can no longer be trusted to hold our weight, light our paths, or stimulate us visually or emotionally.

In my work I transform material from the urban environment using simple processes of cutting, bending and stacking. Arranging and reconstructing the portions I search for discernable patterns to create new forms that intercept the preconceived order. Offering up the potential of a new process of thought or interaction."

Robbie Rowlands